A person who I admire is my mother: Darli. She is so pretty. She has brown hair with blond streaks, big and brown eyes, is 1,75 tall, 70 kg, and has a beautiful smile. My mother is so sweet, kind, polite, smart, lovely, very sensitive and dedicated to me and my sister. She has five restaurants, likes go to the gym, and walk in the street with her friends.

I have many reasons to admire my mother, but there are 3 that make me admire her even more. The first is because she is business woman. When my mother was younger, she was very rich, because my grandfather was a big mas of business. In 1975, when my mother was 18 years old, my grandfather died. All the money was left to my grandmother, who lost everything. But my granfather left a big and wonderful house for my mother and her brother, my uncle. The house was a reminder of my grandfather to my mother. It was 3 floors, with an elevator, pool and a big garden. 4 years after my grandfather died, my unble bet the house and lost the house. He staked everything.

The second reason is because she is very strong and has a big wonderful heart. I’ve never met anyone like that, and every day I thank God for that. Alone and without anything, my mother rebuilt her life with hard work and effort. But, along the way, she found a prince. Princess and Prince.Today, they have 5 restaurants. Last year my mother forgave my uncle, and they returned to talk and today she helps my grandmother. She likes to do that. She does it with a sweet heart and happy to help.

The third reason is because always, in my life, she had patience, love, affection with me, my sister, and my dad. Always sweet and calm, my mother taught me the true meaning of life and love. She taught me to love the differences and be sweet. When the things are not good, my mother is smiling. She always says everything has a reason and that God always does the best thing for you, even with pain in the beginning.

I thank God every day, every time, for the mom that I have. I think that she doesn’t know, but she is perfect and the best woman I’ve met. She is the best. God couldn’t have blessed me more. I love my mom with all my heart and with all my affection. I will be eternally grateful for everything she gave me!

I love you mommy! You are the best! I am your biggest fan! ❤
Thank God. You are my Lord! Thanks for everything. Thanks for my family!

Posted on: April 1, 2011

Sol Mar – Brazilian Restaurant – (Sun Beach)

I will talk about the brazilian restaurant, in front of the salon and next to seven eleven, in Tarrytown. I always  go to the Sol Mar and in my opinion it is always delicious. 

The service is very good, all the waiters talk in Portuguese and English. They are friendly, lovely and very polite. You need to wait 15-20 minutes for your food come and stay about 1 hour and 30 minutes to eat, drink and talk with friends or parents.

The food is the same as of Brazil, it makes me feel  at home.  It is amazing! Yummy food, authentic cuisine and wonderful spice. Every time that I go to Sol Mar, I ask for the same food, the name is Feijoada. I will try explain the food and after, in the end, i will put one picture. Feijoada in Sol Mar is rice and beans together, white rice and black beans, and inside of the beans there is sausage, corned beef, dried beef and seasoning sheets, and the spice is onion, garlic, olive oil, bay leaves and orange. In some places the Feijoada comes with dried beef, salted pork ribs, pigs trotter, pig tail or ear, smoked loin of pork, smoked bacon, thick pork sausages and Portuguese sausage. (It is very delicious, but is more fatty than the traditional feijoada.)

In my opinion, the place is amazing, because it is small, cozy, confortable and the smell like good meat. The lighting is so good, it is not light nor dark, it’s ideal. And the best part is the music, is brazilian music, samba and pagode, and the best names of the music in Brazil. It makes me feel at home!

The price start at $20 per person.

I hope when you go to Sol Mar, enjoy the same as me! 🙂

Good appetite.


In my opinion the story “The Bracelet”  is wonderful. The story talking about two friends who are moving away because of the war. The story is told in detail and describes everything. Ruri is a girls and have to leave your house with his family after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. She have a best friend, Laurie, and before she leaves for the new house, Laurie give a gift to her. A bracelet. So, always Suri will remember your friend . But, on the way to his new home, a camp, she lost the bracelet that her friend gave. Laurie begins to cry and stays very sad, every time she searches  for the bracelet, but she never lies. She only stops seek the bracelet, when she having change the camp. This makes she stay more sad. When Suri’s mother saw sadness in Suri face, the mother said for Suri: “You didn’t need a bracelet to remember Laurie, just as I didn’t need anything to remember Papa or our home in Berkeley or all the people and things we loved and had left behind.” It is true.  We don’t need something for remember special people or something special. What matters isn’t what we have with us of the people we love and gone, but as they always stay in our hearts and in our memory. And the story “Tha bracelet” portrays this very well.

      “Those are things we can carry in our hearts and take with us no matter where we are sent”

  “Hey there Delilah
   What’s it like in New York City?
    I’m a thousand miles away”





Hi, my name is Thais Baiao. I live in Brazil. The name of my city is Fortaleza. Now, I am living in New York for 6 months. I need to learn English, because my parents have 8 restaurants in Brazil, and our restaurants are located inside hotels! Every day tourists are going to my restaurant, and it would be cool if I can talk with them. I am 20 years old, and I have finished college and received a degree in journalism. I am going to another college now for administration. I love them both! Every holiday or weekend I kite surf in my city, and here, I do miss this and the sun a lot… Because in my city it is so hot, and we don’t have winters, only summer! I love it! In EF, we have bad food and it is greasy! This isn’t good! And here, i need to eat well. Every time, I am walking and knowing new places.. I love my friends here! And I am sure, when i come back to Brazil, I will miss them! My women friends are Mariah, Gabi, Margarida, Sara, Silvia and Cinthia and my male friends are Felipe, Daniel, Evandro and Nelo, they are the best! I like them because they are calm and exciting at the same time. This is strange, isn’t it? But, I love it. They are responsible and loving!When I need something they help me, when I need to talk seriously, they talk with me and when I need to laugh and play, they laugh and joke with me! I love people like that! But there is one problem, they ALL speak Portuguese! Can you believe it? Actually, I love being here, I love New York City. I learned to be responsible and organized… In Brazil, I was very disorganized! Here, I am very lazy because of the cold. I love staying in my room, with my sleeping clothes and many blankets! And now it’s time for me to go to bed…Bye!! :))   

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